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Camp Wo-Me-To Memories

Memories from years ago


I was a teen when I came to your camp. I came with my church youth group. It was and has been such a great memory for me. The camp is where I met my husband. Twenty-five years ago we met at camp and became friends through the fellowship of our churches. And, we have stayed together ever since. It has been a wonderful twenty-five years with my husband. We have two wonderful teenagers. I would love for them to be able to come to the Camp where their mom and dad went as kids. I just wish they could experience what we had. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and learning of God while we were there. I met so many wonderful counselors and friends, and I just wish that our youth group of our church would be able to come to this camp.Thanks so much for the memories,
Christine Ward


My T-shirt

This was my Camp Wo-Me-To Shirt from 51 years ago in 1967 when I was nine, being modeled now by my nine year old granddaughter, Savannah. I loved attending Camp Wo-Me-To so much I’ve saved several items of memorabilia. I attended camp many summers until my family moved to Texas when I was 12 yrs old. The memories of camp are absolutely my favorite memories of my childhood! I was blessed to spend parts of my summers there as a kid! THANK YOU CAMP WO-ME-TO!,
Brenda Moseley

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